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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kim Jong Kook - Superhero Yang Gentleman

Artikel ini saya baru jumpa dan rasa nak berkongsi tapi tak ingat mana sumber dia..mohon maaf kepada ownernya yea..saya hanya nak berkongsi..

Running man,mesti ramai yang dah biasa dengar dan tengok..cerita yang semakin popular di asia..Rancangan TV yang sangat kreatif dan setiap minggu pasti akan banyak benda yang suprise..Tapi saya tak nak bercerita pasal cerita ini tapi fokus kepada seorang mamat ni..KIM JONG KOOK ataupun comander ataupun Sparta Kook..

Saya tak pernah minat artist tapi Jong Kook adalah diantara orang yang saya respect..Gentleman, kelakar dan caring..bagi saya dia adalah individu yang hebat..

He is The Commander. He commands everything to his team mate. He commands the strategies.

2. He is Spartakook. His image is just like Spartan.

3. He is Kookie. His image as Kookie is so cute. He shows his cuteness as Kookie. The result is the other   Running Man members can't stand for his his cuteness.

4. He is a Tiger. Running Man is just like Serengeti. There are Tiger (KJK), Impala (JSJ), Giraffe (LKS), even Penguin (Haha), Grasshopper (YJS). In Serengeti he is a tiger. He dominates the strength.

5. He is Coach Kook, He likes teaching and coaching. When it comes to sport, he'll coach his team mate no matter what and no matter who they are.

6. His weakness is women, except Ji Hyo, he said it's because Ji Hyo is a part of family. He never fights women guest and never ripping their name tags too.

7. He is famous with his 'hand-manner' during mission on RM.

8. He is famous for not betraying. He never betrays other members.

9. He never wins in individual race. It's because all members try to eliminate him from the beginning of the race.

10. He has a strong VJ. His VJ is as strong as him and as handsome as him. (I think he himself coaches his VJ in a gym...hahahha)

11. He always become a leader in his team.

12. He has a loveline with Shin Bon Sung, Moon Geun Young and Park Bo Young on RM so far. (The most famous loveline is MGY)

13. Finally, his dream came true when Park Ji Sung became a guest. He play with PJS in a sama field and also play football in a same team.

14. He becomes the most expensive member. Park Ji Sung couldn't buy him as his co-spy.

15. He is awesome in football but suck in baseball.

16. He likes scolding and nagging. He often scold not only to his dongsaengs (juniors) but also to his hyungs (senior).

17. His best friends, Jang Hyuk and Cha Tae Hyun  had become guest on RM.

18. YJS, Haha and LKS often betray him.

19. He likes bullying LKS.

20. He becomes a main pillar (The Center of Power) along with YJS on RM.

21. He is the king of 'Chicken Leg Fight', 'Wrestling' and 'Dakji'.

22. His drawing skill is awesome. His drawing became cards cover design for 'Find the Thief' game.

23. He has extraordinary intelligence. He can solve the mission easily, guess the 'raw' drawing easily and find the solution easily. He's known as a detective from Joseon era. He found the culprit on Sherlock Holmes episode. He found out the spy (LKS and Haha) on episode 99.

24. He has sharp analysis. The other members always think that he's set up a secret microphone in staff meeting room.

24. He's a good spy on RM.

25. When he appears on scene, there will be a tiger-like soar 'Sparta'. It's impressed many viewers, including Super junior Siwon.

26. He showed his amazing abs in episode 22. And his strong abs also appeared in episode 45 when he act as a model on catwalk.

27. Every member want him become their teammate. Also every guest want him become their teammate.

28. His diving skill is awesome. He dives as perfect as professional divers. He showed his diving skill in episode 3.

29. He hates the punishment when it came to eat yolk and drink coffee.

30. When he gets angry, there will be fire effect around him.

31. He can't stand coldness. If winter comes, he will wear very thick clothes. He covered from toe to neck.

32. He likes wearing shorts. If it is summer or spring and even autumn, he often wears shorts.

33. He has favourite dongsaengs on RM, Haha and Gary. It's called Kim Jong Kook and 2 kids. Especially for Haha, KJK called Haha as 'nae dongsaeng' (my little brother) and Haha called KJK as 'uri hyung' (my big brother).

34. He always protect the 'Queen' when they guest on RM. In episode 87, when Han Ga In (the queen from 'the moon that embrace the sun') he protected the queen till the end even he had to sacrifice his life. And in episode 124, when Han Hyo Jo (the queen from 'Dong Yi') became a guest, he sacrifice his life to protect his 'queen'.


Comander and two boys

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